General Conditions of Rental


General rental conditions pitches, mobile homes or tents

These general terms and conditions apply to all sales of stays made by campsite L’Orée du Lac. They are part of every contract between the campsite and its customers.

Each client acknowledges having read these terms and conditions prior to booking a stay for themselves and participants, as well as the internal regulations of the campsite.

In accordance with current legislation, these general terms and conditions are made available to all customers for information purposes prior to the conclusion of a contract for stays. They can also be obtained on written request addressed to the head office of the establishment.

Booking conditions

Reservations are processed in chronological order of arrival.

They will be processed after receiving the completed and signed rental agreement and the deposit.

In the case of a reservation request, less than 30 days before arrival, the payment of the entire stay is required.

After receipt of the rental agreement and the deposit, the campsite will send you a booking confirmation, based on availability.

Reservations are nominative and can’t be passed on. Persons who are not registered in the rental agreement may not stay at the campsite without the permission of the management.

Payment Terms

Prices are indicated in Euro, including VAT.

- For pitches, a deposit of 25% of the total price of the stay has to be paid at the time of booking (with a minimum of € 10). The remaining amount has to be paid on arrival, before you use the pitch.

- For mobile homes or lodge tents, a deposit of 25% of the total price of the stay has to be paid at the time of booking. The remaining amount has to be paid no later than 30 days before the arrival date, without a payment reminder from us.

In case this period is not respected, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and the deposit will be kept by the campsite.

The deposit and the payment of the remaining amount can be made with a check, credit card, or holiday voucher (the owner of the vouchers must correspond to the person stated on the rental agreement). We do not return any money on this last payment method.

Allocation of pitches, mobile homes and lodge tents

Pitches are assigned on your arrival. We can’t guarantee side by side pitches.

Changes and cancellations

All unpaid reservations will be cancelled by the campsite management in accordance with the general conditions of sale.

Changes: Reservations can only be changed up to 6 weeks before the scheduled arrival date and within the availability limit on the day of the request.

Delayed arrival - early departure: in case of a delayed arrival or early departure in relation to the dates stated on the rental agreement, no refund will be made, regardless of the cause.

In case you have reserved a pitch, you must inform us as soon as possible of your delayed arrival. Without information on your part, the pitch can be assigned to other customers from 12 midday onwards the next day.

Cancellation: Any cancellation by the tenant must be reported to the provider by registered letter:

- By Campsite l’Orée du Lac: when a stay is cancelled upon reasons of the campsite, except in case of force majeure which leads us to cancel for the safety of the customers or in case of non-compliance with internal regulations , the customer gets back all amounts already paid.
- By the customer: if the stay is cancelled more than 30 days before the planned arrival date, the campsite will keep the deposit. If the stay is cancelled less than 30 days before the scheduled date of arrival, the full amount will be charged. However, when a new client rents the accommodation during this period, the campsite can refund a part of the paid amounts on written request (the deposit will be kept by the campsite).

Arrival and departure

Arrival for pitches: from 12 midday. Departure: before 11 am.

Arrival for mobile homes and lodge tents: from 4 pm. Departure before 10 am.

When handing in the keys or leaving the pitch after the agreed times, an extra night will be charged. Any extension of the stay must be indicated at least one day before the planned departure date.


The equipment and facilities of Campsite l’Orée du Lac should be used in accordance with the purpose of use. Damage, loss or destruction of accommodations, furniture in the rental accommodation, communal or access buildings are the responsibility of the perpetrator. Clients who have signed a rental agreement are personally responsible for all damage, loss, or destruction of the accommodation, equipment and all facilities of the campsite, caused by persons staying with them or visiting. The customer must therefore be in possession of a liability insurance.

You will be asked to pay a deposit of € 200 on the day of arrival. This amount will be returned to you on the day of departure, after an inventory that takes place by appointment and at least one day before departure. The costs for any damage are added to the cost of the stay and the cleaning costs (€ 60), if you don’t leave the accommodation in perfect condition or if you smoked indoors. If you can’t be present during the inventory, the deposit will be returned to you by post.

The management reserves the right to enter the rented accommodation without the presence or agreement of the customer, in case of emergency.

The equipment provided inside the rentals should not be used or stored outside.


An inventory takes place on arrival of the customer. This is signed by the customer and the management or a representative.

A second inventory will take place on the day of departure, if an appointment has been made before the day of departure. If this is not the case, the inventory can be carried out by the management or a representative when this is most convenient for them.


Pets are only allowed in the accommodation after signing the regulations and with the consent of the management (only one animal per pitch or rental accommodation).

Pets are only allowed on pitches after approval from the management.

A current vaccination record has to be presented on the day of arrival. Animals must always be kept on a leash on the campsite and droppings must be collected by the owner of the animal.

Pets should never be left alone, not even inside the accommodation. They are not allowed in the snack bar, the swimming pool or in the sanitary buildings.

Internal Regulations

As required by law, you must comply with the internal regulations which you can find in our reception.

In accordance with Article L.322-7 of the Sports Code, public swimming pools or swimming areas are subject to a monitoring obligation, with the exception of swimming pools in hotels, campsites or holiday parks that reserve access for their own customers.


The campsite can’t be held responsible for damage to the equipment of the camper, which is caused by his own doing

For the same reason, the campsite is not responsible in the case of:

- Theft, loss or damage of any kind, during or after a stay,

- Nuisance caused by natural phenomena (weather, mosquitoes, spiders, etc.),

- Defects or breakdown of technical equipment, defects or closing of campsite facilities, specific measures taken by the management of the campsite, limited access to certain facilities, including the swimming pool, necessitated by compliance with safety standards or periodic maintenance work,

- The deposit is not a guarantee of liability, the customer has to be insured for legal liability.

Data processing

In application of article 27 of law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the personal details you are requested are necessary to treat your reservation. Unless you state otherwise, we reserve the right to use this information to send you various commercial documentation. Any violation of the provisions of this Act is provided for and punished by Articles 226-16 and 226-24 of the Criminal Code. Customer file declaration with the CNIL n ° 1894268 v 0

Applicable right

These terms and conditions are subject to French law and any dispute relating to their application is subject to the jurisdiction of a Tribunal de Grande Instance or a commercial court.",
12,"60. Internal regulations",," Internal regulations of the campsite",," To be allowed to enter or to stay on a campsite, permission must be given by the campsite manager","



I. terms and conditions


"1. Conditions for admission and stay"
In order to enter, to be allowed to install or stay on a camping site, permission must be given by the campsite manager. The manager is obliged to keep the good order on the campsite and to ensure that the rules of the internal regulations are complied with.
Staying at the campsite implies acceptance of these regulations and the commitment to comply with them.
No one has permission to live permanently at the campsite.

"2. Police formalities"
Minors without the guidance of their parents are only allowed with written permission from the parents.
Anyone staying at the campsite for at least one night must first submit their identity card to the manager or representative and complete the police formalities.

"3. Installation"
The outdoor accommodation (tent, caravan, etc) and related material must be installed at the indicated location in accordance with the instructions of the manager or his representative.

"4. Reception"
April, May, June and September, open from 10 am to 12 midday and from 4 pm to 7 pm. July and August, open from 9 am to 12 midday and from 2 pm to 7 pm.
At the reception you will find all information about the services at the campsite, information about the restoration options, sports facilities, tourist attractions in the area and various addresses that may be useful.
A questionnaire is made available for any complaints or comments.

"5. Display"
The internal regulations are displayed at the entrance to the campsite and at the reception desk and are provided to customers who request it.
For classified campsites, the classification category with the indication tourism or recreation and the number of tourist or recreational places is displayed.
The rates of the various services are communicated to the customers, determined by decision of the minister of consumption and can be consulted at the reception.
"6. Departure conditions and costs"
Customers are requested to inform the reception of their departure the day before departure. Customers who wish to leave before reception opening hours must pay the costs of their stay the day before departure.
Accommodation costs must be paid at the reception. The rates are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception. The costs are calculated based on the number of nights spent at the campsite.

"7. Noise and silence"
You are kindly requested to avoid sounds and discussions that may disturb your neighbours. Gatherings like "bachelor parties" are strictly forbidden.
Sound devices must be adjusted accordingly. The closing of car doors and trunks should also be done as discreetly as possible.
Persons with a pet (dog or cat) must show valid identity papers and a vaccination certificate. Category 1 dogs are forbidden. Category 2 dogs must wear a muzzle. All animals must be kept on a leash at all times on the campsite. They can’t be left alone on the campsite, not even locked up, without their owners, who are civilly responsible.
The manager of the campsite guarantees the tranquillity of his customers by scheduling a quiet time between 11 pm and 8 am. On evenings with activities organized by the campsite (about 1 to 2 times a week during the high season) the quiet time is between midnight and 8 am.
The management gives itself the right to immediately remove people from the campsite who do not respect this article.

"8. Visitors"
After permission from the manager or his / her representative (registration at the reception is mandatory) visitors can enter the campsite under the responsibility of the campers who receive them.
The swimming pool is forbidden for visitors.
Campsite guests can receive one or more visitors at the reception. If these visitors are allowed to enter the campsite (maximum of 4 people per location), the camper who receives them must pay a fee, the rate of which is indicated at the entrance to the campsite and in the reception. Visitor cars are not allowed on the campsite.

"9. Driving and parking"
Vehicles may drive on the campsite grounds with a limited speed of 10 km/h. Car traffic is permitted in April, May, June and September from 7:30 am to 10 pm and until 10:30 pm in July and August (opening and closing times of the barrier). Pedestrians can always enter through the gate.
Only campers staying at the campsite are allowed to drive around on the campsite. Parking is strictly forbidden in places that are usually occupied by accommodations, unless a parking space is provided for this purpose. Parking must not interfere with circulation and new guests.

"10. Maintenance and appearance of the facilities"
Everyone is obliged to refrain from any actions that could affect the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite and its facilities, in particular the sanitary buildings.
It is forbidden to throw out waste water on the ground or in the gutters.
Customers must dispose of waste water in the facilities intended for this purpose.
House waste, waste of any kind, paper, must be deposited in the trash cans.
Washing is strictly prohibited outside the designated sinks.
Laundry hanging should be done on the communal washing line. However, it is also allowed, with a limit of 10 hours, to dry it near the accommodation, provided it is discrete and does not interfere with the neighbours. It should never be attached to trees.
Plantations and floral decorations must be respected. It is forbidden to plant nails into trees, cut branches or plant plants.
It is not allowed to delimit the pitch with personal means, nor to dig holes in the ground.
Damage to the vegetation, fences, land or facilities of the campsite is the responsibility of the perpetrator.
The pitch used during the stay must be maintained in the state in which the camper found it when it entered the premises.

"11. Safety"
"a) Fire."
Open fire (wood, coal, etc.) is strictly forbidden. Stoves must be kept in good condition and may not be used in hazardous conditions.
Barbecues can be banned in case of drought, the decision of which is left to the campsite manager or his representative (with the exception of an official statement from the municipality).
In the event of a fire, the management will immediately inform the campsite guests. Fire extinguishers can be used if necessary.
A first aid kit is available at the reception.
"b) Theft "
The management is responsible for objects left in the office and has a general obligation to supervise the campsite. The camper keeps the responsibility for his own equipment and must inform the campsite manager of the presence of suspect persons. Customers are advised to take the usual precautions for securing their equipment.

"12. Games"
No violent games or games that cause nuisance may be organized on the playground equipment. No active games can be played in the snack bar or bar.
Parents must always supervise their children.

"13. Snack bar / bar"
The bar is open in May and June from 8 am to 8 pm and in July and August from 8 am to 11 pm.
The snack bar is open on request in May, June and September. It is open from 12 midday to 3 pm and from 7 pm to 9 pm in July and August.

"14. Swimming pool"
Open from the 1st of June to September 15th from 10 am to 8 pm.
In case of bad weather (thunderstorms, strong winds, rain, etc.) the manager or his representative has the right to evacuate the pool. The swimming pool rules are indicated at the entrance of the swimming pool. Wearing a swimsuit is mandatory (shorts or Bermuda’s are forbidden). Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied to enter the swimming pool. Visitors are not allowed to use the swimming pool.

"15. Winter storage"
Equipment can only be left unattended on the campsite with the agreement of the manager and only at the assigned location. Costs may be associated with this service.

"16. Violation of internal regulations"
In the event that a campsite guest disturbs the stay of other guests or does not comply with the provisions of these regulations, the manager or his representative may ask, orally or in writing, if he considers it necessary, to suspend the disruptions. In the event of a serious or repeated violation of the internal regulations and after formal notification by the manager, the rental agreement can be terminated.
In case of a criminal offense, the administrator can appeal to the police.

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