Why choose our campsite :
It is the ideal place for families, couples, sports lovers both the countryside to escape and the city of Roanne nearby for the practical side. It’s also a campsite ideally located at the center of the country for a rest stop during a long road trip crossing France from East to West or from North to South: we are near the N7 (8km), and only about 20 kms and less than 20 minutes from the A89 coming from the towns of Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand or Saint-Etienne. You will surely be surprised to be still at our campsite after a week when you had planned a stay of one night!
Our campsite is not adapted for party and noisy people.We do not accept bachelor party others. Calmness, tranquility, friendliness and respect for others are very important to us and respected by all. The atmosphere on the campsite is relaxed, we are always listening and close to our customers. Children can move safety.
To discover our region, we will direct you to the touristic sites to visit according to your wishes, budgets and interests of each person. With a train station only at 7km from the campsite and a train every 1/2 hour, it is the ideal solution to discover the big city of Lyon by a day (or more) without taking your vehicle, do not hesitate! we will advise you.
Cultural, sporting or relaxing, all activities are offered by professionals: Many sports activities from the campsite or the beach of Villerest 500m: canoeing, boat trips, pedal boats, hiking or mountain biking ..., well d ’others to discover in a radius of 20km.
Our structure is human-sized and the members of the team are known to all.
During the day, some punctual and often improvised activities take place in high season with ease for children and adults. These animations are in French language and are never imposed.
Some evening entertainment (concerts / markets), twice a week in high season, which can end after 23h but never beyond midnight. Few animations are adapted to the teenagers, they have the possibility to find each other on the beach at 500m where many activities are proposed every day.
There is a real investment from all the members of the team to satisfy you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !
Pool area :
Our swimming pool is at your is open from 01/06 to 08/09 and
the pool is heated by the sun.However, we have rules of life to respect for the well-being of all. It is a place of bathing, relaxation and rest.
The collective pool rules must be respected such as: men’s bathing or boxing briefs, no dive, running around the pool, bulky objects, no big agitation, no balloons ... the rules are displayed . It may seem a little tight, but we share a place to live together and everyone should feel good and be able to enjoy it. Pool hours: 10:00 - 19:00 (some nights in high season for the pleasure of all)

for the cyclists :

Our campsite is the ideal stage before facing the first road turns of the gorges of the Loire in the south of the department if you go up the river.
In the other direction, you will follow in the tranquility of the Roanne Vault in Digoin ... and more up to the estuary!
We will be able to bring you all the advice, contacts necessary for the success of your cycling adventure.

For the campers :

late arrival is possible until 10h30pm. you can call us on (33)4-77-69-60-88
Roannais soil is changing like the seasons, it is sometimes very dry in summer: we recommend special hard floors spikes to facilitate your installation. An umbrella or waterproof garment is sometimes useful but it never lasts! A little patience and go for a well deserved stay.
We have European-style 10A electrical plugs (blue): it’s better to have an adapter and an 10m electric cable. A campervan service area is at your disposal (full of water included) Our pitches measure about 80m2, they are sunny, semi-shaded to shaded ... according to the time!
looking forward to welcoming you

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